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Big Fright
Spooky Sports Day
Freaky Sleepover
School Scare
Welcome to Rotwood School, where monsters  of all species learn how to frighten humans!
Find out what happens when Maud joins Rotwood School in the frightfully  exciting new series of books,  Monstrous Maud!
Rotwood School: Because We Scare

All six books in the series are out now! Read an excerpt from book five below!

Here's an extract from book 5 in the series, Horror Holiday, which is out now:

"Maud got to her feet and climbed back up into the clearing. The mud had set in the morning sun. Maud could see her footprints from the night before, now formed into deep craters. Further away were Warren's and Wilf's tracks, which became paw prints as they transformed and bounded off into the forest. Maud might have been worried - but thankfully, her parents never noticed anything.

Then she spotted that there was another row of tracks beyond those of the Wild brothers. Maud went over to examine them.

She gasped. They'd been made by something about three times the size of a human foot. At the front were four long talons that tapered to razor-thin points. They looked like a dinosaur's footprint she'd once seen in a museum.

Maud shuddered to think that whatever made these prints had passed so close to her while she slept.

"Look at this," shouted Penelope. She was standing behind Mr Wild's truck, which was listing to one side. "Here's something you won't be able to blame on me."

Maud raced over and looked at the tyres. Something had ripped them apart in neat parallel slashes.

"Not again!" shouted Mr Wild. He kicked the side of his truck and let out a terrifying roar. "It took me ages to fix it last time."

He went to kick the truck again, but Mrs Wild held him back. "That's not going to help, dear," she said.

Mr Montague picked up a scrap of shredded rubber. "How very strange," he said. "But not to worry. I can drive you to a garage and pick up some replacements if you like."

"That's very kind of you," said Mrs Wild.

"I'll stay and keep an eye on the little ones," said Mrs Montague.

"Great," said Mr Montague. He took a pair of clip-on sunglasses from his top pocket and clipped them on to the bridge of his glasses. Maud thought it made him look like a giant bug. "Let's hit the highway!"

Mr and Mrs Wild exchanged a glance and climbed into the car.

Mr Montague started up the engine, and Milly stuck her head out of the caravan window. "Brilliant! Are we going now?"

"Not yet, petal," answered Mr Montague. "We're off to find a garage. We'll be back soon." He stuck 'Born to be Wild' in the CD-player, and they set off down the track.

Milly rolled her eyes, before slamming the window so hard the caravan wobbled.

"I'll go and check on her," said Mrs Montague. "The rest of you play nicely."

"What do you think happened to the tyres?" asked Maud.

"Isn't it obvious?" said Penelope. "It was the Beast of Oddington."




Monstrous Maud Horror Holiday
Monstrous Maud Scary Show

"Well written, interesting and exciting, with enough new vocabulary to be educational, but also enough meat to keep my daughter hooked. The story line is brilliant and enjoyable and I look forward to adding more of Saddlewick's work to our library."

- Amazon review for Big Fright

"My 10 year old loves Monstrous Maud and really enjoyed this book, getting really engrossed in the storyline... she wanted to start the next one as soon as she finished it, so that must be a good sign!"

- Amazon review for Big Fright